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Lotto Result Today May 13, 2023

Lotto Results Today – Maintain a positive mindset and hold onto your aspirations.

The announcement of winning numbers for various games, including 6/58, 6/55, 6/49, 6/45, 6/42, 6D, 4D, Swertres (3D), EZ2 (2D), and STL Lotto draws by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office can be a source of excitement. To keep up-to-date with the complete lotto result today, access the PCSO Official Website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts which offer the latest updates on lotto results at 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM. Do note, that with every play you make, you are also supporting various charity organizations. Ensure it is engraved in your memory that every play you make, touches the lives of many.

Lotto Result Today

The notion of winning is truly fascinating. With every opportunity, your aspirations get closer to becoming a reality. Therefore, do not underestimate your luck and keep dreaming, keep playing, and keep believing. Who knows, you might be the next lucky jackpot winner!

Draw NameWinning NumbersDraw DateJackpot
Grand Lotto 6/5504-32-52-06-46-2612/6/202348,280,798.40
Megalotto 6/4510-42-23-40-15-1212/6/202317,199,369.80
4D Lotto2-0-5-7 12/6/202332,244.00
3D Lotto 2PM1-7-5 12/6/20234,500.00
3D Lotto 5PM9-9-7 12/6/20234,500.00
3D Lotto 9PM1-5-6 12/6/20234,500.00
2D Lotto 2PM29-20 12/6/20234,000.00
2D Lotto 5PM27-13 12/6/20234,000.00
2D Lotto 9PM17-22 12/6/20234,000.00
Ultra Lotto 6/5821-04-23-12-32-3512/5/2023196,562,545.00
Superlotto 6/4941-29-33-31-16-2612/5/2023228,024,516.20
Lotto 6/4216-10-40-25-41-1912/5/20237,704,008.80
6D Lotto6-3-9-7-2-8 12/5/2023822,517.52
3D Lotto 2PM7-9-1 12/5/20234,500.00
3D Lotto 5PM8-7-2 12/5/20234,500.00
3D Lotto 9PM1-4-2 12/5/20234,500.00
2D Lotto 2PM08-08 12/5/20234,000.00
2D Lotto 5PM23-25 12/5/20234,000.00
2D Lotto 9PM10-09 12/5/20234,000.00
Grand Lotto 6/5546-26-37-01-27-0812/4/202343,415,795.00
Megalotto 6/4523-40-06-07-27-2812/4/202312,739,602.00
4D Lotto2-3-2-2 12/4/202312,124.00
3D Lotto 2PM5-0-5 12/4/20234,500.00
3D Lotto 5PM6-0-6 12/4/20234,500.00
3D Lotto 9PM1-3-0 12/4/20234,500.00
2D Lotto 2PM12-26 12/4/20234,000.00
2D Lotto 5PM17-22 12/4/20234,000.00
2D Lotto 9PM30-27 12/4/20234,000.00

Where to claim the Prize?

After you’ve checked the lotto result today and confirmed that you won, write your name and attach your signature to the back of your winning ticket. More importantly, bring and present at least two (2) valid IDs for confirmation.

You may claim the jackpot prize you won from lotto result today at the PCSO main office located at the PCSO head office located at 605 Conservatory Bldg., Shaw Blvrd. Corner Priceton St., Mandaluyong City. The jackpot prize is taxable by 20% under TRAIN Law.

PCSO thoroughly validates all tickets to be claimed. Moreover, PCSO reminds the public that they are serious about dealing with counterfeited/tampered tickets. They will not honor any if someone tries to claim their prizes using such. Make sure you’ve double-checked your ticket by knowing the lotto result today.

For tips below P10,000, you can process that at the nearest PCSO Branch.

PCSO Lotto Winners’ Important Reminder:

  • If you win, the lotto prize ticket has one (1) year validity. PCSO will forfeit unclaimed prizes within one (1) year. Likewise, the player is solely responsible for checking the authenticity of the data printed on the ticket(s), including bet type, bet amount, the draw date you want to enter, and the numbers you want to play.
  • Any players below eighteen (18) years old are strictly prohibited from playing any PCSO games.
  • Furthermore, don’t buy your lotto ticket to any individual claiming that the numbers and tickets will win. Get it from the authorized PCSO outlets only.
  • Do not subject the ticket to high temperature. Remember that the PCSO-generated tickets are heat-sensitive, and PCSO will not honor severely damaged

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